Be A Part of The Parks Chapel Holiday Shoutout!

Merry Christmas

Share Your Seasons Greetings With The Parks Chapel Congregation

As we enter the winter of the COVID-19 pandemic it has been 8 months since we have had the opportunity to greet, hug, or simply shake hands with our fellow worshippers.

But we make do with the blessings we have. So we are providing everyone with this opportunity to give a shoutout to one another.

Make a cell phone or computer video

Get your cell phone out or have one of your kids do it for you. Say Merry Christmas! Tell us how you are doing. Tell us what you are thankful for. A little music in the background or maybe a tree?

It’s easy as 1,2.

  1. Please do a 20 – 30 second video on your phone wishing everyone seasons greetings.
  2. Then simply go here and upload it.

We will include the videos as part of our stream each Sunday during December.

Also please ask others you know to do the same.

It is a great way to check-in and let everyone see you during this difficult period.

Parks Chapel Digital Ministry


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