Pastor and Steward Board

The mission of the Benevolence Committee is to develop, recommend and oversee policies and procedures which establish the type, amount, and frequency of assistance to individuals or families who request assistance.

The committee investigates and administers benevolence resources as needed. The committee also works with other groups in the church that provide benevolent actions as well as sharing information about community agencies and their resources to who may need assistance.


Pastor and Steward Board

The Bereavement Committee is an expression of sympathy from the Parks Chapel AME Church family, bringing support and comfort to our members who have experienced a loss. The Committee provides both practical assistance and emotional support to our members and their families.


Bro. Charles Nettles, Superintendent

Church School teaches our youths and adults how to study the Bible, pray and grow spiritually. The purpose of church school is to encourage our believers to apply the Word of God to everyday life.


Sis. Audrey Baker, President

Class Leaders are dedicated members who are focused on the tasks of providing spiritual support and guidance to the members of the church. The duties of the class leader are to communicate regularly with their class members by telephone, email, letter, visits or social gathering to inquire how each soul is prospering. They are to provide advice, guidance and counsel and be a listening ear to the concerns and/or issues of their class members.


The Office Staff

The Ministry of the Flower Guild is to assist in beautifying our house of worship with floral arrangements, always giving consideration to the seasons of the church and types of services. The culmination of this ministry is seen through weekly memorials in the Sanctuary.


Bro. Eric Parks, President

The purpose of the Lay Organization is instilling in its membership a love and appreciation for the history, tradition and principles of African Methodism; advocating respect and loyalty to constituted authority; encouraging the support of the total program of the local church; fostering systematic and regular study which will provide greater knowledge and participation in the church; organizing and training lay members concerning goals and objectives of the Connectional Lay Organization.


Bro. Mark Smith, President

The choir shall be composed of men of good reputation who respect The Book of Discipline of the AMEC and who will be governed by its rules of worship. Men with an abiding respect for the Bible, a deep Faith in Jesus.


Bro. Kwame Doss, President

The Sons of Allen Ministry is the official Men’s Ministry of the AME Church which fosters an atmosphere where men are inspired through worship, study and prayer to have fellowship and relationship with God and their fellowmen. The Sons of Allen will build men as providers, protectors and producers for their families and their communities.

Among the several goals of the ministry, the primary goal is to lead men into a solid relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Their relationship with God is nurtured through learning about the power of prayer, experiencing the wonder of worship and sensing sacrifice of service to others. Their salvation in Christ makes men priests for the family and community.

The Sons of Allen develop and encourage men to be leaders and role models for the young people and commit to building the Kingdom of God.

Rite of Passage

Bro. Joel Rucker, Director

The Rites of Passage Program is a Parks Chapel AME program for boys only and parallels the College Bound Program, which seeks to help students discover and achieve their career objective.   


Bro. Ronald Love, Financial Secretary

Recognizing that “everything belongs to God” the Stewardship and Finance Committee promotes and cultivates stewardship through ongoing education to the congregation and administers the Financial Ministry of the church. As Christians we are called to give on every occasion in obedience to God. The Committee accurately account for all financial inflows and outflows of the church in a timely manner.


Sis. Nicole Imhof, President

The women of the Stewardess Board are servants of God in good character and standing in the AME Church, whose purpose is to support the vision and mission of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

The Stewardess Board provides the sacred implements of Holy Communion and Holy Baptism. They dress the pulpit and altar for various seasons of the Christian year, and attend to the needs of the pastor and the ministerial staff during worship service.


Sis. Audrey Baker, Pro Tem

A Steward must be of sold piety, know and love the Word of God, the African Methodist Episcopal Church Doctrine, and The Book of Discipline of the AME Church. The purpose of the Steward Board is to set spiritual goals in keeping with the Pastor’s vision.


Bro. William Watkins, Pro Tem

In the AME Church, those elected to the office of trustee are not only holders of an office of trust but are also temporal caretakers for and of the Kingdom of God.

Trustees in the African Methodist Episcopal Church have the responsibility of all church property. Trustees are stewards that oversee the management, care and maintenance, development, acquisition of all properties belonging to the Church, and use of property. They are continuously engaged in making the facilities better and safer. They support the goals and initiative of the Pastor’s vision for growth and community outreach.


Sis. Bonnye Berry, President

Ushers are committed to providing services and keeping order in the House of Prayer. Greeters provide a warm and sincere welcome to ALL people who enter the doors of the church.


Sis. Myrna Cantrell, President

As women called to discipleship to grow in the knowledge and experience of God through Jesus Christ, committed to support the mission of the church and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are challenged to help one another engage in ministry and action, grow and respond in faith to God’s redemptive plan for the church, the society and the world.


Sis. Rebecca Anderson and Sis. Tracy Muldrow, Directors

Young People’s Department is a youth organization established as a Christian Education agency of the AME Church to facilitate the Christian development of youth.

Established in 1915, it is under the auspice of the Women’s Missionary Society. The purpose of the YPD is to implement a youth missionary program at the local church level.

Meetings are held the fourth Saturday at 12:30 p.m.