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Jennie Allen, Audrey Baker, Walter Braszel, Patricia Brown, Kemar Campbell, Myrna Cantrell, John Cureton, Sandra Crawford Rose,

Pleze Crawford, Demetrio Deterville, Whilma Flagg, Kamila Flint, Ayana Flint, Sarah Burris Hills, Rev. L. Fisher Hines,

Alma Grace Jefferson, Jerry Jacobs, Carmelita Logan, Ron Love, Lee Lowe, Yuvonne Moore, Charles E. Nettles,

Janet Peterson, Pete Peterson, DaJaun Ricks, Sylvia Reid, James Robinson, Joel Rucker, Setti, Dora Smith,

Safia Smith, Hazel Spicer, Helen Sugland, LaMont & Charlene Strong, Grover Ware, Audrey Williams.

Billy and Terry Anderson, Rev. Felicia Bagneris,  Patricia Braszel, Linda Braszel, Leanda Briggs, Carl Crawford,

Kenneth Daniels,  Mark Davidovich, Ruby Faye Ford-Robinson, Viola Franklin, Tommy Gales, Chimere Gamble,

Myles Haskin, Joseph Miulli, Audrey Moore, Darron Mc Culler, Grant Muldrow, Ellen Nickleberry, Nikko, David Ptashe,

Nakia Ricks, Drew Smith, Joe and Linda Vergilis, Samuel White Sr. Pam Walker Williams, Deacon Robert Winn,

Judy Wood, pray for our Social and Criminal Justice System, Our National Security and Violence across the world.

We also would like you to pray for everyone that has been affected or knows someone that has been affected by the Covid-19.

If you would like to add someone to our prayer list, we have a prayer wall on our church website.

“The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well, the Lord will raise him up.”

-James 5:15

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