Nicodemus at Night

Nicodemus at Night

Have you ever wanted to explore the intersection of theology and social actions? Are you looking for honest conversations seeking how we can find Christ in our current culture? Would you like to be a part of finding our authentic voice in speaking to others as to why faith is important and how we can respectfully dialogue with others? If any of these questions seem interesting to you please join us for Parks Chapel’s podcast named “Nicodemus at Night.” Nicodemus at Night will be a weekly 30-minute podcast where we take a quick dive into hot topics. The first episode is scheduled to be posted in early August. If you have any questions or would like to suggest some topics please see Jamal Gallow. 

Session 4. Brother Harrison Orr Speaks With Sis. Martina Berry

Session 3. Pastor Jamal Gallow Speaks With Bro. Mark Smith

Session 2. Pastor Jamal Gallow speaks with Sis. Dee Deterville

Session 1: Pastor Jamal Gallow speaks with Bro. Harrison Orr