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Los Angeles North District Conference

April 25-27,2019

Parks Chapel is honored to host the LA North District Conference, which will proceed under the direction of Rev. Dr. Allen Williams. Presiding Elder. This is the first time that Parks Chapel has hosted this meeting at our current location. The following information is provided to assist in helping our congregation provide an outstanding experience for all who attend.

What we know:

17 churches from within our district will participate

–   Attendance is estimated at 75-1 Oo

–   The conference will extend over three days as follows

Thursday 4/25- Half-day

Conference will convene at 12 noon and conclude by 5:00 pm. Details of the program are still being developed by Presiding Elder.  Following the day’s program, Parks Chapel will serve a hot dinner.

Possible evening service

Friday 4/26- Full Day

Breakfast will be served prior to the start of the day’s program

Details of the day’s program are still being developed by PE Williams

At around mid-day, we will serve lunch

Following the day’s program, we again serve a hot meal.

Possible evening program for the YPD

Saturday 4/27- Half Day

Breakfast will be served prior to the start of the day’s program

Details of the day’s program are still being developed by PE Williams

Following the close of Conference- We will all assist in clean-up and making the church ready for Sunday service.

Arrangements for those needing accommodations:

A block of rooms has been arranged at the Hampton Inn Burbank for those needing overnight accommodations.


In addition to the use of the church parking lot (the school will be contacted by William) additional parking near the church is being arranged by Bonnye & Paula.

Volunteers Needed!

All auxiliary organization heads, Stewards and Trustees are asked to meet with their members to SJet commitments to help out where possible. Areas, where assistance is needed, include:

–     Food Service- Tracy Muldrew will coordinate

–     Parking lot coverage- Will direct people to the proper lot

–    Security/ Safety- wall< people to car after late services/ monitor surroundings

–     Greeters- Will assist ushers in welcoming guests, handing out materials answering questions and  sharing the Parks Chapel smile!

–      Restroom monitors- Will ensure facilities are clean and are in working condition with toilet supplies

–     Post-conference clean-up- All hands on deck!

Conference Communications

–     Our website will have an announcement on it

–     Letter to LA North District churches- Paula

Key Conference Coordinators

Please feel free to call Paula with any SUSJSJestions, questions or ideas by calling 818-368-9170 (home) or Bonnye at 818-898-1833 (church office).





















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