How Do I Know God Is Answering My Prayers?

Teach Us How to Pray

My question to Pastor Kp is:  “How does God answer prayers?Are we supposed to look for signs or simply have faith that he will guide us as his answer to our prayers?” – Bryon K. Smith   

Answering Prayers

God answers prayers in a number of ways. They can show up as one some or all of those things. 

I’m not an advocate for “looking for signs ” because if we look for something anything will do. But we should always be aware that God is present, mindful and has us in His heart.

Sometimes an answer is very plain clear and to the point… we prayed for a job and we get the job.  Sometimes answers prayers come in the form of denial, we prayed for a thing and didn’t get it. Then we see God reveal what he had in store vs. What we wanted.

And then Sometimes the answer to a prayer is not yes or no but “peace in the process” we prayed about a thing and the answer to our prayer wasn’t in the granting or denial of the thing but in the learning that took place during our faith journey there.  

Does that make sense to you?


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