It is Impossible to Please Him Without Faith!


Thank you heavenly Father for giving us faith. Thy word says: it is impossible to please you without faith; we need it. Heb. 11:6.

We are forever grateful for salvation, peace, righteousness, truth, & thy Word as our daily bread.
Forgive us for anything within us that doesn’t align with thy Word.
We strive everyday overcoming obstacles affecting us emotionally & physically.

Keep us covered under the blood of Jesus.
Strengthen us, in the name of Jesus, with goodness.
joy, mercy, loving kindness, good health, self control, financial abundance,
empathy for others, wisdom, patience & understanding while we wait on you Lord to complete the work in us.

We stand boldly against negativity as we bind up & cast out into the depths of hell, in Jesus’ name,
all types of evilness as hurt, harm, danger, accidents, strife, envy, sickness, disease,
lack that attempts to stumble or cross our households’ path, our mindsets,
our wholebeing is protected under the blood of Jesus,

We stand firmly on your promises in John 3:16 because we believe. Thank you.
We stand in the gap for those hurting in the aftermath of tragedy. Comfort them,
heal & deliver them unto all truth for your name sake. Let the words of this prayer
& the meditations of our heart be acceptable in thy sight, our Lord, our redeemer.



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