Digital Ministry Progress Update

Sparks From The Anvil in The Valley

The mission of Parks Chapel AME Church’s online ministry is to extend the hands of the church to reach those outside its walls in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding communities.

Our 2019-2020 Strategies To Accomplish Our Mission Are To:

  • Increase Awareness
  • Improve Livestreaming Quality and Reach
  • Enable Online Tithing and Donations
  • Add Activities to Appeal to Diversity
  • Get the Youth Involved With Online Ministry
  • Spotlight The Congregation

Progress Update

Increase Awareness

In the last two weeks, we have advertised on Facebook targeting the San Fernando Valley. We have reached over 5,000 people we have targeted.

After maxing out our followers on our Facebook profile at 5,000 we began posting and live streaming to our page. Please like/follow us there.

Goggle Reviews
Reviews on Google

Additionally, we have updated our profiles on Yelp(find Parks Chapel AME Church) and Google and encourage all constituents to provide reviews so we are no longer a secret in the San Fernando Valley.

Improve Livestreaming Quality and Reach

To increase reach we now Livestream to 3 places

  • Facebook – retains the entire service
  • Youtube – retains the sermon selections and the sermon
  • Parks Chapel Website – New live stream option that will retain the sermonic selections and the sermon

To increase Livestream quality we have replaced our Livestream hardware. We recalibrated our internet speeds and applied learnings related to sound and visual through trial and error…lots of trial and error…which will continue.

Enable Online Tithing and Donations

Livestreaming and online giving

Recently we selected an online giving platform,, to enable online contributions and donations during Livestreaming.

Currently, you can set-up an account to enable you to make one contribution at a time or automatically set an amount to donate every week, every 2 weeks, 1st and 15th or once per month. We accept credit cards or bank payments.

Gifts can be designated for General Fund, Benevolent offerings, Tithing, or Scholarship.

In the new year, we will start implementing strategies for

  • Adding Activities to Appeal to Diversity
  • Getting the Youth Involved With Online Ministry
  • Spotlighting The Congregation

Anyone wanting to help with social media, audiovisual, website management is welcomed regardless of experience. I’ll teach you what I know and we will learn the rest together.


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