Church Events

Jan 2020
Sparks From The Anvil in The Valley

The mission of Parks Chapel AME Church’s online ministry is to extend the hands of the church to reach those outside its walls in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding communities. Our 2019-2020 Strategies To Accomplish Our Mission Are To: Increase Awareness Improve Livestreaming Quality and Reach Enable Online Tithing and Donations Add Activities to Appeal to Diversity Get the Youth Involved With Online Ministry Spotlight The Congregation Progress Update Increase Awareness In the last two weeks, we have advertised on Facebook targeting the San Fernando Valley. We have reached over 5,000......

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Men's Day

Men’s Day Program – 2019

We are truly on the move as Christian soldiers. Immediately after the Easter Service, we as a church went to work for Christ. Last week was an event filled one for Parks Chapel AME...

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