The Place – 2016 Women’s Missionary Society Executive Board Meeting

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Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III, Commission Chair
Mrs. Jacquelyn DuPont Walker, Director/Consultant


Response To The Las Vegas Shooting


The year – 2016

The Place – 2016 Women’s Missionary Society Executive Board Meeting

The Voice – The AME Council of Supervisors, supported by the AME WMS and AME Social Action Commission adopts a resolution on gun violence.

Sadly, the language still applies today. As AMEs we are still traumatized by the 9 who were killed at Mother Emanuel. Today we are again jolted by the killing of at least 50 who gathered for a concert, and untold numbers who were wounded physically and emotionally in that area. The toll of millions of human beings who face senseless killings daily is staggering and will only end when we make this focus our relentless push. It must trump business as usual!

What Now in 2017?

  • Pray every day for those persons affected by gun violence. Pray for the uncaring who fight to keep assault weapons in the hands of the general public. Pray for those whose lust for profit from the sale of these weapons keeps. Pray for timid legislators who place contributions to their campaigns above duty to their constituents. Pray for all leaders to find clear voices of intolerance of gun violence. Visit: to keep updated for action.
  • Contact your local, state and federal legislators in support of common sense gun legislation. Join with Faiths United Against Gun Violence. Tell your Congressperson to vote “no” on H.R. 3668, the Sportsman Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act, Share Act; vote “yes” on universal background checks.
  • Vote and encourage your neighbors, friends and work colleagues to vote for candidates who support common sense gun legislation. Let’s “un-elect” those who support no controls over gun purchases, background checks and other prudent measures
  • Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath will be on December 6 and 17, 2017. Consider special emphasis during that period or another timeframe that addresses the anniversary of gun violence incidents in your community. The goal is to Shine A Light On Gun Violence … and the need to stop it!! AME Social Action Commission

Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III, Chair
Mrs. Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker, Director


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