Men’s Day Program – 2019
Men's Day

We are truly on the move as Christian soldiers. Immediately after the Easter Service, we as a church went to work for Christ. Last week was an event filled one for Parks Chapel AME Church. We received many accolades for our hosting of The District Conference.

Last Sunday, after the 10:30 service our gracious and talented kitchen volunteers prepared a sumptuous soul food lunch that prepared us for the Men’s Day Program. These cooks perform like fine chefs. If you ever get the opportunity to taste their food, before or after one of our programs, I highly suggest that you take advantage of the experience.

Brother Eric Parks has a few words to say about our 2019 Men’s Day Program.

“It was a pleasure to fellowship with St. Paul, Calvary and SouthernBaptist Churches. A big shoutout to the Parks Chapel Men’s Chorus for a riveting performance at Men’s Day 2019.”

“Thank you Christopher Spinks for your wonderful musical direction”

“Kwame Doss spoke to our spirits with an uplifting prayer at Mens Day 2019”

“In a spectacular performance, St. Paul, Calvary and Southern Baptist Church’s Choirs reminded us of the ‘War’ against Christ followers”

Brother Eric G. Parks


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